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PostSubject: GD LIVE TOUR 3 FEATURE MATCH:   GD LIVE TOUR 3 FEATURE MATCH: Icon_minitime1Sun 09 Oct 2011, 19:53

Hello everyone this is the final match of GD Live Tour No 3 between Chaos714 and John_doe

Chaos won the r/p/s/ and opted to go 1st.

Game 1

He just set 2 s/t and passed to John

John set 1 card in each zone and ended

Chaos normal summoned Legendary Six Samurai Kageki and with his effect he special summoned Kagemusha.
He used these two monsters to synchro summon Leg Six Samurai Shi-en and attacked at John's face down
monster(it was Wind Up Warrior) destroying it and ending his turn

John began by activating WInd Up Factory but Chaos negated it with Shi-en

John continued by summoning Summoner Monk and using his effect discarding Wiseman Chalice to special summon
WU Magician. He then overlayed both his monsters to bring out Gem Knight Pearl. He attacked over
Shien inflicting 100 damage to Chaos.

John set 1 s/t and passed.

Chaos summoned E-Hero Stratos adding D-Hero Diamond Dude to his hand. He ended with that.

Play back to John and he attacked over Stratos with Pearl. What a beatstick he is! He set a monster and passed

Chaos began by activating Destiny Draw, discarding D-Hero Malicius and drawing two new cards. Then he used
Mystical Space Typhoon destroying John's set Call Of The Haunted. Malicius's effect had turn followed by the summoning of Deepsea Diva
which brought along a second Diva. Diva 1 and Malicius where tuned into Stardust. Miracle Fusion came next and by removing
E-Hero Stratos and Kagemusha from his grave Chaos summoned E-Hero Gaia. He used it's effect on
Pearl. Finally he synchro summoned Scrap Dragon using Diva 2 and Gaia. With the effect of Scrap Dragon Chaos destroyed
John's face down monster(WU Warrior) and continued by attacking with his own 2 monsters laving John with 4000 life points.

John used Pot Of Avarice returning GK Pearl, Summoner Monk, WU Magician and 2 copies of WU Warrior
back to his deck to draw 2 cards. He then special summoned Cyber Dragon and normal summoned WU Warrior
making him a level 5 with it's own effect. He overlayed them both to Tiras Keeper Of Genesis but Chaos negated the summon with Solemn Judgment
John set a s/t and passed.

Chaos then used heavy storm and attacked with his 2 dragons for game!

John decided to go first at game 2

Game 2

He set 1 card in each zone and passed

Chaos activated Dark Hole destroyin John's set Ryko LS Hunter. He then activated Reinforcments Of The Army and Shien's Smoke Signal adding
Kageki+Kagemusha from his deck to his hand! What a deadly start! He summoned both monsters with the effect of Kageki and tuned into Shi-En
He attacked directly set 1 s/t and passed

John attempted to summon Summoner Mok but Chaos's Solemn Warning said no. John ended.

Chaos continued with another direct attack and play came back to John.

John used Reinforcments Of The Army and Chaos let it go allowing John to add WU Soldier to his hand.He attempted to activate WU Factory but Chaos
negated it with Shi-en. John special summoned Cyber Dragon and normal summoned WU Soldier making him a level 5 with it's effect overlaying into Tiras once
again. Tiras roamed over Shi-en. John set a card, removed an overlay unit from Tiras and passed. Chaos special summoned Elder Of The Six Samurai and normal
summoned D-Hero Doom Lord using his effect to banish Tiras. He then overlayed both monsters into No 17: Leviath Dragon. He removed 1 xyz material to boost
his dragon's attack to 2500 and passed since he couldn't attack due to D-Hero Doom Lord's effect.

John used Wiseman Chalice to bring back Leg Six Samurai Shien from Chaos's graveyard. He then normal summoned WU soldier once again making him a lvl 5 monster.
He overlayed both monsters into Volcausaurus. He used it's effect to pop Leviath Dragon and burn Chaos for 2000 life points. He set a s/t and ended.

Chaos summoned E-Hero Ice Edge and discarded D-Hero Malicious to activate his effect. He attacked directly inflicting 800 damage to John and destroying his set
Mystical Space Typhoon.

John normal summoned WU Soldier and attacked with both monsters dropping Chaos to 400 life points.

Can Chaos turn this around?

John set a s/t and passed

In Chaos's standby Phase Tiras returned to John's side of the field. Chaos removed Malicius from his graveyard to bring forth another one from his deck. He then summoned
Deepsea Diva using her effect to bring forth another one. He tuned Diva 1 and Malicious into Scrap Dragon but John flipped Solemn Warning. Chaos scooped.

So after 2 very interesting games we head to Game 3

Game 3

Chaos went first and began by discarding D-Hero Malicius to activate Destiny Draw and draw 2 cards. He then summoned E-Hero Ice Edge and used Instant Fusion to bring out
Fusionist. He overlayed both monsters into No.17 Leviath Dragon. He used it's effect once, set 1 s/t and ended his turn.

John set 1 card in each zone and passed.

Chaos used Malicious effect to special summon another one from his deck. He then searched for Kagemusha with Reinforcments of The Army and summoned him to tune into Stardust.
Leviath attacked John's set monster which was Super Nimble Mega Hamster and allowed John to bring out one Ryko LS Hunter from his deck in face down defence position. Stardust
attacked Ryko and Joh flipped Dimensional Prison to banish Stardust. Chaos set another s/t and passed.

John began by using Heavy Storm and destroying Chaos's set Fiendish Chain and Solemn Warning. He then flipped Ryko and popped Leviath Dragon milling a second Ryko, a Cyber Dragon
and a Dimensional Prison. The normal summon of WU Warrior came up next and both monsters attacked Chaos leaving him with 5600 life points. He set a s/t before ending his turn.

Chaos used Monster Reborn and brought back Cyber Dragon. He attacked over Ryko inflicting 1900 damage to John

John used his set Mind Control to take over Cyber Dragon and used WU Warrior's effect to make him level 5. He overlayed both monsters to once again summon Tiras and attacked directly leaving Chaos
with 3000 life points. He set a monster removed an xyz material from Tiras and passed.

Chaos activated Pot Of Duality revealing another DH Doom Lord, Leg. Six Samurai Kizan and Ascetism. He selected D-Hero Doom Lord and summoned him banishing Tiras temporarily. He ended.

John began by summoning WU Magician and then flip summoning his set WU Warrior. He used Warrior's effect to make Magician level 5 and also triggered Magician's effect. He special summoned WU Soldier
through Magician's effect and overlayed Magician and Soldier for yet another Tiras. Tiras and WU Warrior attacked Chaos giving John the victory!!!

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